Installed / Professionals / Contractors or DIY

Installed / Professionals / Contractors or DIY

Whether you want us to supply only or to supply and install your world-class composite wood products, Fishers Decking & Flooring has the ideal solution for your unique project and specific needs.

For those who Require a Turnkey Supplied and Installed Product – Important

Fishers Decking & Flooring is a national and international supplier of composite wood products to our industry. As well as installing our own products in most main centres in and around SA and into Africa, Fishers Decking & Flooring offers a turnkey service with competent contractors on site and that all-important Fishers Decking & Flooring single guarantee.

We stand head and shoulders above competitors, thanks to the most experienced management team in our industry and a database of the most experienced installation contractors in our country. Fishers Decking & Flooring’s turnkey option makes a lot of sense. We take full responsibility for your composite wood installations. We value our clients. So, our experience, work ethic and integrity do not come at a premium. All things being equal, this should be a one-time spend.

Why you must Ensure That you Choose the Best Contractor

Having a competent, reputable company with an excellent track record install your composite wood products should be of the highest priority. With these long guarantees, one needs to deal with a company that has a substantial footprint. A long, fancy guarantee is worth nothing if you’re dealing with a “here today, gone tomorrow” business.

How are the Costs of Our Installed Products Calculated?

Understanding how the installed square metre price is calculated is crucial when planning for a specific product. Many people wrongly perceive the installation portion to be overly expensive. However, there are four essential factors to consider when calculating the installed square metre rate, which we will break down for you below:

  1. The cost of the product: When considering the cost of a product like decking, it’s crucial to include the cost of the clips and screws. It’s also essential to compare products on an “apples for apples” basis since different companies offer varying levels of quality and standards.
  2. The cost of the subframe material: Fishers Decking & Flooring utilizes lightweight galvanised steel C-channel for inland projects and pressure-treated timber for coastal projects. When determining costs, it’s crucial not to compare the price of a galvanised steel structure with that of a timber structure.
  3. Consumables: A sturdy and visually appealing structure requires welding rods, cutting disks, screws, and concrete.
  4. Labour: This is the most crucial aspect to consider. While the first three factors are usually similar across most contractors (as long as the product type is the same or similar), labour rates can vary significantly. Fishers Decking & Flooring’s labour rate ranges from R300 to R400 per square metre for a standard installation. This rate covers the cost of paying a construction team of three or four people (which costs between R180 and R250 per square metre) and some hidden costs like fuel. Unfortunately, this leaves very little profit.

It’s important to note that a few terms and conditions may apply, but at Fishers Decking & Flooring, we do everything possible to accommodate your specific needs and vision.

Professionals and Contractors

Professionals and Contractors

As an international supplier to our industry with a large contractor base, Fishers Decking & Flooring services South Africa and abroad. We have branches in Johannesburg and in Somerset West, Cape Town. We also have distribution in Ballito Bay, KwaZulu-Natal. So, our quality composite wood materials are available to buy for anyone and everyone.

Fishers Decking & Flooring carries decent quantities of stock of all our profiles and we endeavour to do our best to ensure we have stock at all times.

Fishers Decking & Flooring should be the first choice for a professional or contractor in the industry that is looking for the very best price, product and service. You can buy one item or hundreds of them, confident of the quality that characterises Fishers Decking & Flooring’s brand. We will always honour our guarantee. To date, we have never had a manufacturer’s claim. This is a huge statement to make in the composite wood industry and we are proud of it.

Our website is comprehensive, informative, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Please contact us directly for pricing.


Perfecting your DIY Installation

Installing composite products can be easy and rewarding when you follow the instructions.

The Fishers Decking & Flooring installation information has been written in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Read this carefully in conjunction with the product page of that specific item. There are images to help to get a visual perspective too. In addition, we have included technical drawings on the website of some recent projects Fishers Decking & Flooring has done. From these comprehensive and detailed drawings, one will get a good idea of how things should all look and come together.

Fishers Decking & Flooring will also provide personal assistance and advice during the course of your project, if necessary. We are always happy to help.