Fishers Decking & Flooring Clips and Screws

All composite wood deck planks require clips or screws for installation. At Fishers Decking & Flooring, our quotes always include the necessary clips and screws, unlike other companies that may only cover the cost of the decking planks. It’s important to use the clips and screws that come with the product to avoid any potential issues under guarantee.

We offer three different clip options and three different screw options, depending on the type of structure or framework being used. Our stainless steel clips are available for a specific application, but we don’t carry a large stock of regular stainless steel deck clips due to reasons explained in detail under Black Teflon Plastic Clips.

It’s crucial to choose the correct clip and screw for the installation method. Our range of clips and screws, with comprehensive information and images, can help you understand their importance to the end result.

The black Teflon clip creates a 5mm gap between the planks, which requires a driver to fit between the planks for screwing down the fixing screw through the clips. It’s essential not to use a driver that damages the planks on either side of the gap once the screw is in its fixed position. Fishers Decking & Flooring can assist you in choosing the appropriate clips and screws for your project to ensure a successful installation.


Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

Black Teflon Plastic Clips

Fishers Decking & Flooring’s Black Teflon Plastic Clips are highly sought after and widely used across South Africa and beyond. These clips are the most cost-effective option available on the market and have been successfully installed for over a decade without any product failure claims.

The clip measures 30mm in length, 11.5mm in height, and 4.5mm in thickness at the lip that fits into the recess or groove of the plank. The width of the clip is 18mm. Once fitted, the clip leaves a 5mm gap between the planks, which is an essential aspect of the deck’s aesthetic. This gap allows the planks to expand and contract as needed while maintaining their position.

The clip is secured to the deck structure material with a screw inserted into the screw hole. The pressure applied by the clip keeps the planks in place, and once installed, all clips and screws are hidden below the deck’s surface, creating a seamless look.

While stainless steel clips are sometimes used, they are typically reserved for specific applications. The Black Teflon Plastic Clip with the black screw is the best choice for most applications, providing superior aesthetics and functionality. Fishers Decking & Flooring is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services, and the Black Teflon Plastic Clip is no exception.

How Many Clips and Screws are Required for a Square Metre of Fishers Decking & Flooring Composite Wood Products?

  1. If your support structure supports are fitted at 350mm apart which is our specification, you will need 26 clips and 26 screws per square metre.
Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

Narrow Gap Stainless Steel Clip

The narrow gap stainless steel clip offered by Fishers Decking & Flooring is designed for specific applications, and should not be used for general decking projects. It is ideal for situations where a floor-like surface is needed, but the aesthetic of a deck is preferred.

For instance, if you are building a tented camp and require a heavy-duty surface with no gaps and a proper seal, this clip can reduce the gap between planks to a 2mm spacing that can be sealed with silicone. It is also suitable for a dance floor in a venue, as the narrow gap ensures high heels won’t get caught between the planks.

However, installing a deck with these narrow gap stainless steel clips takes longer and requires more labor, which can increase the cost. Additionally, if there is a problem with the deck that requires removing a plank or making changes to the framework, all planks in front or behind must be uplifted. The narrow gap between planks makes it difficult to access the screw holding the planks in place, as there is no space for a driver to fit between the planks.

Furthermore, these clips are three times the price of the black Teflon clip and require 26 clips per square meter, which can add up significantly on large projects. Therefore, it is recommended to use these narrow gap clips only for specific applications where their benefits outweigh the added cost and labour.

Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

Silver Range Clip and Clad Wall Cladding Clips

Fishers Decking & Flooring is constantly expanding its product range to keep up with the evolving composite wood industry. The latest addition to our collection is the clip and clad wall cladding panelling system, which utilizes a specially designed stainless steel clip that is unique to this product.

Similar to our Gold and Diamond range wall cladding, this system boasts a hidden fixing application, resulting in a seamless finish with no visible gaps between the planks. For optimal results, our specifications require 25 clips and 25 screws per square meter, with the joist, support, and structure spaced at 350mm center to center. Please note that this system is only compatible with the designated clip and cannot be used with any other type of clip.

Fishers Decking & Flooring Fixing Screw Options

Fishers Decking & Flooring has all the correct screws you need to install our top-notch products. It is important that we know what framework you will be using so that we can quote on the correct screws. Fishers Decking & Flooring has three screw type options:

Self-drilling tech screw   |   Screws for a timber structure   |   Pan Head self-drilling tech screws

Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

The Self Drilling Tech Screw

The Self Drilling Tech Screw from Fishers Decking & Flooring is made of 410-grade stainless steel and has been coated with black electroplating for a sleek look. With its self-drilling technology, this screw is capable of penetrating steel up to 2.5mm thick without requiring a pilot hole. It is specifically designed to work well with the steel profiles that Fishers Decking & Flooring sells. The black color of the screw complements the black Teflon clip, making it an ideal choice for those who value aesthetics. The screw is 40mm long with a 4mm shaft and features a hexagon head to ensure its longevity and protection against any potential damage or stripping, in case planks ever need to be removed.

Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

The Screw for a Timber Structure

Fishers Decking & Flooring offers a 410-grade stainless steel screw electroplated in black that is designed for timber structures. The black color of the screw complements the black Teflon clip, making it an aesthetically pleasing option. This screw is 50mm long with a 4mm shaft and features a hexagon head to ensure longevity and prevent potential damage or stripping if planks need to be removed. It is a durable and reliable option for any timber structure project.

Deck plank clip + screw options & accessories

The Pan Head Self Drilling Tech Screw

The Pan Head Self Drilling Tech Screw is an electroplated black screw made of 410-grade stainless steel. Its design makes it ideal for fixing screws that need to go directly through composite material without the need for a pilot hole. These screws are effective in penetrating steel up to 2.5mm thick and work well with the steel profiles Fishers Decking & Flooring sells.

Primarily used for pergola and screening applications where it goes through the thinner profiles supplied by Fishers Decking & Flooring, this pan head self-drilling tech screw is 32mm long with a 4mm shaft. Its pan head has a rounded smooth top to ensure it sits on top of the material without penetrating it.

Fishers Decking & Flooring takes longevity seriously and, as such, all their screws have hexagon heads to protect against potential damage or stripping of the screw head in case planks need to be removed.

These visuals illustrate the seamless integration of narrow gap stainless steel clips and standard black Teflon clips, as well as the impressive results achieved with the narrow gap stainless steel clip.

In one example, a tented bush camp in Botswana required a closed floor for the inside of their tents that matched the outside decking. By utilizing the narrow gap stainless steel clip and adding a line of silicone, they were able to achieve their desired outcome flawlessly.

Best Deck Composite Products

In this image to the left of the pillar the standard black tephlon clip has been used ,and to the right of the pillar the narrow gap stainless steel clip has been used .

Best Deck Composite Products

The finished installation of the inside of the tents one can see how with the narrow gap stainless steel clip and a line of silicone the desired end result has been achieved . The external decking ties up and into perfectly.