Fishers Decking & Flooring

Fishers Decking & Flooring is a leading company that works with the best quality composite wood products. This ensures the highest standard for large commercial buildings and residential homes alike. We are based in South Africa.

We supply and install the following composite wood products:


We offer the latest decking ranges in a number of natural colours to suit any building and preference. Our deck accessories include fascia planks (to match the decking), corners, clips, screws and lights. These combine to create a really contemporary look, with the added benefit of practicality.


The composite exterior wall cladding from Fishers Decking & Flooring is of excellent quality. It looks great, is cost-effective, does not require maintenance, is resistant to rot, creates a waterproof seal, and has a 10- or 15-year factory guarantee (depending on the range). This can transform the exterior of your building or home completely.


Fishers Decking & Flooring has three standard balustrade options. The versatility of composite wood products means even more options. This is evident on our Balustrade product page.


Erect a classic pergola to create an inviting seating area or shaded walkway in your courtyard, a public area, or a garden for a tasteful feature of the highest quality. Composite wood pergolas bring a unique element and tranquillity to any outdoor space, and are available in various colour and design options.

About Our Products

As a premier composite wood company, we are committed to providing products that are of the highest durability, without compromising on their affordability. All of our products have factory guarantees of 10, 15 or 25 years (depending on the range).

We import our own composite wood products and market these solely under the reputable Fishers Decking & Flooring brand. By doing this, we ensure that we provide the best composite wood products and accessories.

We offer turnkey solutions to our clients – the end-users – in supplying and installing world-class composite wood products. This sets us apart from our industry peers. Fishers Fishers Decking and Flooring takes responsibility for the composite material, the framework material, our workmanship and the end result of every installation.

Why Fishers Decking & Flooring Is Unique

Fishers Decking & Flooring is owned, managed and run by Gary Fisher.

Fishers Decking & Flooring is the composite wood company of choice in South Africa and is fast gaining an excellent reputation in other countries too. We remain unmatched in what we do. We have completed some major projects inland and along the coast – from KwaZulu-Natal to the Cape – and up into other African countries. Our current and soon-to-be-awarded commissions include some high-profile projects. So, the future of Fishers Decking and Flooring is exciting.

Fishers Decking & Flooring is proud to have been associated with some of the most prominent contractors in past and present projects. These contractors include the likes of WBHO, Tri-Star Construction, Tyris Construction, Abbeydale Construction, M&T Development, and many more.

At Fishers Decking & Flooring, we are specialists in what we do. We go out of our way to offer an unmatched level of service delivery and have, as a result, earned a fantastic reputation for the quality of our product, service and work ethic.

Fishers Decking & Flooring has an office in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Here, we have what is arguably the biggest outdoor composite wood showroom in Africa. We also have a 900 square metre warehouse and distribution centre in Riversands, Midrand (Johannesburg).

Contact Fishers Decking & Flooring today for a composite wood solution to transform your building.